Solution to convert mac mail messages to pdf with Batch Approach

I was also a user of Mac Mail in my previous organization but I have switched before some time. In that new company, employees worked on Windows platform and I would also have to do. So I was using my Mac OS based mbox files in Windows based MBOX supported email client. But I wanted to convert Mac Mail messages to PDF format for further switch because this format is the safest file format.

If you are a regular computer user and have been used different kinds of operating systems then you would have heard about Macintosh operating system. If any user is suffering from such kind of problem which I have faced earlier then I am here to share my experience and to help that user.

Mac Mail Vs PDF File

Mac Mail is also a part of Macintosh OS that provides a default email client that is named as – Mac Mail. It is a freeware and advanced email app and it comes as bundle with Mac OS.

A PDF file is widely used to share ideas and information over the internet without modifying original file. It is essentially developed for digital printing but it is used as e-book writing, business/ software/hardware presentation etc. The biggest advantage of this PDF file is that it is one of the most secure file formats and can be compressed easily.

Mac Mail app saves several emails within a mailbox as .mbox format. It means that mbox is an email format while on the other side, PDF is also a popular file format but it is a typical document file format. So, what is the requirement for the process to convert Mac Mail messages to PDF?

  • Any user of Mac Mail who wants to add emails in a document file to create a report.
  • To prepare a presentation file and you want to add your emails.
  • To protect a single file with password authentication, it can’t be edited or printed.

To achieve these states, there is no direct way to convert Mac Mail messages to PDF whereas a PDF file is more comfortable with Windows platform but Mac Mail is for Macintosh platform. To export emails from Mac Mail to PDF format, an external help should be used that is named as – MBOX to PDF Converter.

This MBOX to PDF Converter is a powerful solution to convert Mac Mail messages to PDF format. Before using this software, you have to collect all MBOX files from Mac Mail at any desired location in Windows platform based machine. Then use this conversion solution with multiple advanced features which are described below:

  • The software provides multiple file renaming choices to users by which they can rename any file by using any naming format as per their need. It also provides dual options to convert Mac Mail messages to PDF format.
  • It is capable to convert not only emails but also attachments by offering dual options to save them. Attachments can be saved in a separate folder or by embedding in PDF file. It also creates a new PDF file for each MBOX file during whole process to export emails from Mac Mail to PDF.
  • It supports to save all the details of emails including with their actual folder format intact and this conversion software is perfect for entire editions of Adobe Reader and Windows operating system.

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